Robert is currently writing an illustrated historical fiction novel. The working title is My Shadow and follows the military career of Lt. Joe during his assignment with the 597th FS in England from 1944 to VE day.

"my Shadow" book cover by Robert Brun  

Excerpt from chapter 4 “Baptism”

"Bandits... bandits... bandits, eleven o'clock high!"

Joe looked over in the direction of the call, spotting the enemy fighters and then back over at Rob on his wing as if to say, "What now?"
"Blind leading the blind" came Rob's reply over the radio.

"Cut the chatter and release drop tanks," came a curt reply from a voice Joe didn't recognize, but he followed the order just the same
Like a flock of eagles, the 14 remaining Mustangs all released their drop tanks at once and turned hard into the oncoming fighters that bore down into the group of Havocs. Joe could see small flashes along the wing edges and cowlings of the enemy fighters that indicated deadly machine gun and cannon fire

Certain that he was about to be either shot down or collide with one of the Germans, Joe followed the rest of the squadron as the enemy planes raced passed in a blur. Despite their converging speed, well in excess of 600 mph, Joe could clearly make out the black crosses on the light blue side fuselage of each Focke-Wulf 190, `Wurger' or 'Butcher Bird' as they passed and...

"God help us, they've got yellow cowlings! It’s the Abbeville boys!" Joe shouted out loud as he yank the control stick hard into his gut and stomped the left rudder pedal. "This is one hell of a baptism by fire!"