photo of Robert Brun


I've added this page in order to help clear up the misconceptions about what you may and may not do with your newly acquired artwork.

When you commissioned or purchase your painting or print from me, I automatically transfer to you the right to display it in your home, or business as you see fit. After all it was created for you to enjoy.

But there are a whole separate set of rights, called publication rights, which have to do with the publishing or copying of original works of art. These are not transferred at the time of sale. Physical possession of a work of art does not mean you can do whatever you want with it. If you wish to use any of my paintings or drawings for purposes other than your personal use, please contact me for permission. This simply means I want you to enjoy your new artwork, but please do not copy it, reprint it, post it or publish it in anyway without my express written consent. See the contact page, I'm easy to reach.

This is basically the core of copyright law here in the USA and throughout most of the world. It applies to any original work of art, unless it is so old it falls into the category of "public domain" (which is my life plus 70 years), if the owner cannot be found after a reasonable search, or under the legal definition of "fair use." When in doubt, it is better to err on the side of caution, and find an alternate choice.

For more information about copyrights, Google the term and spend the next few years reading up.


Robert Brun