What is a commissioned painting?

Many people consider buying a painting of something that is of interest to them, but is not quite exactly what they had in mind. By this I mean more than whether it matches your decor, but also matching your tastes and personal preference. For this situation, a commissioned painting is what you are looking for.

A commissioned painting is a piece of art that is created specifically for you and your desires. Whether a scenic view you particularly like, your boat sailing into the sunset or plane flying over your town each painting is composed and rendered to your exact specifications.

During our meetings, every aspect of the theme, atmosphere and size of your commission is discussed and resolved to your satisfaction. A workable time schedule is determined to meet any specific delivery date (particularly important if commissioning a painting for a gift) and special accommodations may be possible, so please ask.

Once the details have been determined work begins and the client is kept informed of progress until contacted that the painting is complete. At this time arrangements are made for delivery. All artwork is shipped fully insured and your satisfaction is guaranteed. For additional information or to schedule a no obligation commission meeting (I am currently accepting orders for 2008) please click on the “Contact” link above. And thank you